Hope you’re all having a great summer and socializing a lot now that we can do it outdoors. I know I am. Lot’s of picknicks and barbeques with family and friends.

This pandemic has put a stop to a lot of work for me in Liberia.

So far, touch wood, the schools are still doing the best in staying open. The terms are not according to normal but still ongoing. Let’s hope that it stays that way. Thank you to all our sponsors that have joined the Scholarship Programme.

We’ve also managed to renovate the office in Yekepa. New roof and floor. Thank you to all donors that made it possible.

We’re still looking for funding towards 8 wells and also The Women and Youth Vocational Training Center. So don’t hesitate if you have the possibility to donate something. No donation is to big or small. You will find the applicatioms under Documents.

By the beginning of next year we will hopefully be able to apply for fundings from Forum Civ (SIDA), for a new exciting project in Liberia. Keep your fingers crossed.

Until next time, stay safe