Hope you’re all having a great summer and socializing a lot now that we can do it outdoors. I know I am. Lot’s of picknicks and barbeques with family and friends.

This pandemic has put a stop to a lot of work for me in Liberia.

So far, touch wood, the schools are still doing the best in staying open. The terms are not according to normal but still ongoing. Let’s hope that it stays that way. Thank you to all our sponsors that have joined the Scholarship Programme.

We’ve also managed to renovate the office in Yekepa. New roof and floor. Thank you to all donors that made it possible.

We’re still looking for funding towards 8 wells and also The Women and Youth Vocational Training Center. So don’t hesitate if you have the possibility to donate something. No donation is to big or small. You will find the applicatioms under Documents.

By the beginning of next year we will hopefully be able to apply for fundings from Forum Civ (SIDA), for a new exciting project in Liberia. Keep your fingers crossed.

Until next time, stay safe

A new fundraiser is now on.

For us Europeans and Americans clean drinking water is not an issue. We just turn on the tap and it comes. For others it’s not that simple.

Following recent meetings,  we discovered there is no safe drinking water in most of the mine affected communities where we work.  If we can raise around $2000, we can construct a hand pump well in the most needy community. The goal is to help control COVID 19 through access to safe drinking water and proper hygiene practice. Following the installation of the pump, COPDA will establish a Health Committee to supervise the use of the pump and make sure community hygiene practices are enforced.

So  please chip in. Any amount is welcome and no amount is to small.

Thank you all in advance

I started a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for the less fortunate people in Yekepa. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown a lot of people are facing difficulties in getting food and other necessities. All donations went to purchasing rice, oil, flour, hand sanitizer etc The goal was 20.000 SEK but I managed to raise almost 29.000.

Thank you all who donated

Promoting Human Rights

Promoting Human Rights and Accountability is another programme we do. There are eight Communities in Nimba County that we work with.

Accountability in Mining Communities, intend to increase the voices of women and youth in addressing human rights issues affecting their lives. This is also intended to promote accountability in the governance of natural resources extraction within mining communities.

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Scolarship Students

In 2016 I decided to start a Scholarship Programme to help children in Liberia to go to school. I learnt that only 34% of the children had that chance. This due to being one of the five poorest countries in the world. Many parents don’t have jobs or earn very little and therefore can’t let the children go to school.

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