Who I Am

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Ann Huber. I lived in Liberia for almost 14 years. It was very special and different to grow up there. Exotic one could say. I will always carry many beautiful memories from my childhood.

The first time I returned to Liberia after having left was 2003. It was very sad to see all my childhood memories gone. After two civil wars, the place was destroyed but the people were as caring as always. That trip was a lot of tears but also a lot of laughter. I knew that some day I had to do something to help.

Unfortunately, due to illness, it took some years before I could start something.

On a trip to Liberia 2014 together with my oldest son Roberth, when we where in Yekepa we ran in to an old schoolfriend of mine, Ted Brooks. He told us that he had an organization that helped women and children and invited us to come to Camp 4 and meet some of the women he was doing a project with. Ofcourse, fantastic. So of we went to Camp 4. What energy these women had and so many ideas. They really wanted to change Liberia for the better. So there and then I promised to help and support Ted Brooks organization. COPDA Inc., in any way possible.

I started of in a very small scale by organizing a charity lunch for former Lamco workers. I showed pictures from my recent trips and served Peppersoup – a typical Liberian dish. Everyone enjoyed both pictures and soup. This gave a small amount of money that I could send to Liberia. Then I showed pictures at a Reunion party, also for former Lamco workers and again it gave a small amount to send to Liberia.

However, we need more then small amounts to send. So I decided to start an organization and after some paperwork COPDA Sweden was a reality and a sister organization to COPDA Inc in Liberia. I did have some experience since I had been on the board of another organization working in Liberia, for six years.

Now I’m hoping for a lot of new members and many donations. Please see membership information on how to become a member. We need you!

With Kind Regards,

Ann Huber