Scholarship Students

Scolarship Students

In 2016 I decided to start a Scholarship Programme to help children in Liberia to go to school. I learnt that only 34% of the children had that chance. This due to being one of the five poorest countries in the world. Many parents don’t have jobs or earn very little and therefore can’t let the children go to school.

In Liberia the school fee is $100 per school year. The school year is 2 semesters with 5 months per semester. So only $10 per month. For us that is not a lot but for Liberian parents it is.

The first school year I had 8 donors. Eight children that could attend school.  What a joy for these children.

I decided to double that for the school year 2017/2018. Which I did.

So, I again decided to double that for the school year 2018/2019. Yeah, I did. So we had 37 children in our programme.

For the next school year 2019/2020, I hoped to reach 50 students. I reached 57.

I am really proud of everyone’s eager to help a child to education.

The children are all very various ages. We have at the moment one girl who’s 22 and in grade 5. She is not the only one.

This is because many children had to drop out of school due to the civil wars or their parents lost their job etc

This is a very worthy cause so please don’t hesitate sponsoring a childs school fee.

Who knows, you might have sponsored one of Liberias future leaders.

Since 2018, we have a retreat day for the children. This to emphasize how important school is. The importance of studying hard, to get an education, to get a job. On this day of retreat we serve everyone breakfast and lunch.

I have personally attended one, 2019 and it was amazing.

The children love it and are so grateful to their donors for giving them the possibility to go to school.

If you want to become a donor please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As a donor you will receive a photo of the child you are sponsoring. You will also receive a copy of their grades, both mid-term and end of schoolyear as well as a thank you letter.