COPDA Sweden is a non-profit organization that aims to aid women and children in the West African country Liberia. Throughout the years COPDA Sweden has been sponsoring children’s school costs, supplying local villages with sanitary products and informing the population during the Ebola crisis.

My name is Ann. I lived in Liberia as a child for 13 years.
It was very special, and different, to grow up there. Exotic, one could say. I will always carry many beautiful memories from my childhood.

– Ann Huber, founder of COPDA Sweden

At COPDA Sweden, we aim to help where the help is mostly needed. Generally this means helping children go to school and sponsoring villages with tools for survival – water filters, sanitary products, and information about disease prevention.

I started out small scale, before this became an organization. By arranging charity lunches for the older generation of former LAMCO employees, I got an opportunity to connect with people who shared my love for Liberia. I showed them photos and videos from my most recent trip and served them the traditional Liberian dish peppersoup. Eventually I decided to turn it in to an official non-profit organization so I could do even more.

– Ann Huber, on the founding of COPDA Sweden

COPDA Sweden is a sister organization to COPDA Inc which is a local organization in Liberia. We work very closely together in every project we manage.